Anti Theft Backpack and Messenger Bag

world's first anti theft travel backpack and messenger bag

that secures your unattended belongings during flights

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Integrated Sensors
In-Flight Theft Statistics
In-Flight Theft Has Been Rising In The Past Few Years
International reports have stated that every year, there have been reported cases of in-flight theft. These mile-high thieves are a serious problem and reported cases have been rising in the past few years.
CabinR’s unique security device deters a would-be thief who tries to open bags stored in overhead compartments and under seats while their owners sleep or are otherwise distracted.

Anti Theft Security Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Anti Theft Security Step 1
Authenticate with RFID key card
Anti Theft Security Step 2
Leave your bag and (worries) behind
Anti Theft Security Step 3
If someone opens your bag, loud alarm will sound
Activate CabinR security with RFID key card
How it works
The bags include a detachable security blanket designed with multiple circuit boards that connect to highly sensitive motion sensors. After the user arms the security system by simply placing a unique RFID key card on top of the device, the bag will emit a loud alarm if the sensors detect theft activity. Normal movement won't trigger the alarm, but abnormal orientations or tampering will.
CabinR bag in busy market
Peace of mind wherever you are
Never worry about your bags again with CabinR's Discovery Travel Backpack and Vista Travel Messenger Bag. Whether on an airplane or exploring a busy market, CabinR's first-of-its-kind anti-theft sensors will keep your belongings safe from prying hands.
CabinR technology is safe to use on planes
CabinR technology is safe to use on planes
The RFID technology does not conflict with in-flight communication devices – and the sensors are designed to distinguish between user activity or turbulence and an attempted robbery.
CabinR bags are also good for business use
Fool-proof technology
When the alarm is triggered, a buzzer will generate a loud siren (95dB) until it's deactivated by using the unique RFID key card or by entering in a user-defined combination code. The alarm itself cannot be easily compromised, as the siren is too loud to be muffled and the buzzer location is hidden from sight – there is no "OFF" button for would-be thieves to locate.
CabinR bags in bus
Built to delight
The travel bags look great and function well with the underlying anti-theft technology. The key clip and pen slots and organizational pockets make them perfect for the cluttered traveler, and the luggage strap helps you race toward your gate with ease.
CabinR bags are also good for family use
CabinR bags are much more than security systems
Besides the security system, CabinR Travel Bags are fully equipped to meet the needs of the modern traveler as well as for everyday use. Both bags are water repellent and include a laptop compartment, phone pocket, magnetic headphone dock, and sunglasses band. The Discovery Travel Backpack also features, among others, a shoe compartment, water bottle pockets, charging port and comfort shoulder straps.

Vista Travel Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag Features Overview
Detachable Anti Theft Security Blanket
Messenger Bag Security Blanket
Magnetic Headphone Dock
Messenger Bag Headphone Dock
Quick Access Pocket
Messenger Bag Quick Access Pocket
Phone Pocket
Messenger Bag Phone Pocket
Charge Port
Messenger Bag Charge Port
15-Inch Laptop Compartment
Messenger Bag Laptop Compartment
Sunglasses Band
Messenger Bag Sunglasses Band
Organizational Pockets
Messenger Bag Organizational Pockets
Key Clip + Pen Slots
Messenger Bag Key Clip + Pen Slots
Reflective Band
Messenger Bag Reflective Band
Luggage Strap
Messenger Bag Luggage Strap
Water-repellent Fabric
Messenger Bag Water Repellent Fabric
Metallic Buckles
Messenger Bag Metallic Buckles
Comfort Shoulder Strap
Messenger Bag Comfort Shoulder Strap
Quick Card Access
Messenger Bag Quick Card Access
Hidable Strap
Messenger Bag Hidable Strap
Hidden Pocket
Messenger Bag Hidden Pocket

Discovery Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack Features Overview
Detachable Anti Theft Security Blanket
Travel Backpack Security Blanket
Magnetic Headphone Dock
Travel Backpack Headphone Dock
Quick Access Pocket
Travel Backpack Quick Access Pocket
Phone Pocket
Travel Backpack Phone Pocket
Charge Port
Travel Backpack Charge Port
15-Inch Laptop Compartment
Travel Backpack Laptop Compartment
Sunglasses Band
Travel Backpack Sunglasses Band
Organizational Pockets
Travel Backpack Organizational Pockets
Key Clip + Pen Slots
Travel Backpack Kep Clip + Pen Slots
Reflective Band
Travel Backpack Reflective Band
Luggage Strap
Travel Backpack Luggage Strap
Water-repellent Fabric
Travel Backpack Water Repellent Fabric
Metallic Buckles
Travel Backpack Metallic Buckles
Comfort Shoulder Straps
Travel Backpack Comfort Shoulder Straps
Water Bottle Pockets
Travel Backpack Water Bottle Pockets
Shoe Compartment
Travel Backpack Shoe Compartment
Lockable Zippers
Travel Backpack Lockable Zippers
Comfort Mesh
Travel Backpack Comfort Mesh
CabinR Detachable Anti Theft Security Blanket
Want to secure a larger suitcase? No problem!
The security system of the CabinR Bag can be detached and used separately to secure any type of bag. No installation or modification to the bag required. To use the blanket, the user simply places it inside any bag on top of personal items, and then activates it with an RFID key card.

Travel with peace of mind knowing that your personal belongings are safe.

With our patent-pending technology, sensors detect theft activity and ignore false alarms due to turbulence.
Simple To Use
Simple To Use
No need to worry about passwords and combinations. Activate with RFID key card.
Loud Siren Alarm
Loud Siren Alarm
When theft activity is detected, CabinR emits a loud alarm, notifying you and cabin crew.
CabinR uses only technology permitted during flights.
Universal Security
Universal Security
CabinR works with all types of bags. No installation or modification required.
Integrated Design
Integrated Design
The security blanket mates perfectly with the bag in a fashionable and seamless design.

Our Team

CabinR Product Developer - Michael Yim
CabinR Project Manager - Kitko So
Story of CabinR

Our Story

"My inspiration for this project came from an unfortunate personal experience of having my wedding ring stolen during a trip. Someone must have gone through my bag when I was sleeping. I later found out that plane theft does actually happen quite often and has been rising in the past few years. Therefore, I set out to design a travel security bag that not only secures my belongings, but also give me peace of mind while traveling."


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