Anti-theft Security Blanket
Anti-theft Security Blanket
Anti-theft Security Blanket
Anti-theft Security Blanket

Anti-theft Security Blanket

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  • 1 x Anti-theft Security Blanket
  • 3 × RFID Key Cards
  • 1 × USB Charging Cable

The CabinR Anti-theft Security Blanket not only works with CabinR bags, but can be purchased separately to secure any type of bag. No installation or modification to the bag required.

To use the blanket, the user simply places it inside any bag on top of personal items. After the user arms the security system by simply placing a unique RFID key card on top of the device, the blanket will emit a loud alarm if the sensors detect theft activity. Normal movement won't trigger the alarm, but abnormal orientations or tampering will.



When the alarm is triggered, a buzzer will generate a loud siren (95dB) until it's deactivated by using the unique RFID key card or by entering in a user-defined combination code. The alarm itself cannot be easily compromised, as the siren is too loud to be muffled and the buzzer location is hidden from sight – there is no "OFF" button for would-be thieves to locate.



The electronics are powered by a thin rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, and the circuit boards are interconnected using 0.1mm thin FFC flat flexible cables. Despite the sensitive electronics, the blanket is still soft and ready to wrap up valuables thanks to the use of ultra-thin 0.8mm printed circuit boards.

The security system is designed to save power and one full charge of the battery will last over a week, and it is easily charged by using a USB cable. The technology is safe to use on planes – the RFID technology does not conflict with in-flight communication devices – and the sensors are designed to distinguish between user activity or turbulence and an attempted robbery.